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The Software ApiLife that establishes in total autonomy if and whether to attribute Homages to the Clients that purchase the Voucher ApiLife.
Every purchased Voucher produces one or more Boxes in the 4 available Bands, making you accumulate. to end of every cycle. a number of ApiCoin:
Blue band = 90; Yellow band = 190; It bandages Redhead = 420; It bandages Green = 900 Every Box will perform three total cycle



The Software, every 5 Voucher purchased without limits of time by Clients from you recorded, it produces yourself in automatic a Box AVATAR corresponding to the Band of the 5 Voucher Also purchased it will perform 3 cycles making you accumulate to every goal cycle the same number of ApiCoin

P.S. The attribution of the Homages is not guaranteed and doesn't have a certain tempistica but you/he/she is determined by the sequenzialità established by the exclusive Software ApiLife